Chrome Extension Makes Google’s April Fools Joke Real

If you were one of the three million people who watched Google’s Gmail Blue video yesterday and found yourself wondering just how horrible it’d be if it weren’t, you know, a joke — you’re in luck!

Thrown together overnight by developer Shon Dalezman, the aptly named “Gmail Blue” extension takes every terrible detail from the video (embedded below for good measure) and brings it to life. The “Compose” button? Blue. The word “Compose”? Blue. Underline? Blue!

Yeah, yeah — it’s just a quick CSS hack applied to any detected instance of Gmail, but imagine all the jealous lookssympathy… hipster cred* you’ll get from your friends and colleagues when they find out that you actually have Gmail Blue!

Now, if someone could go ahead and make a Google Nose extension that actually makes my laptop emit scents, that’d be great. Come on. It’s like 2 lines of code. cough.

[* fact: hipster cred is an accepted currency in most major West Coast cities.]

[Pro tip: If you install this and find yourself hating the world thirty seconds later, just go to chrome://extensions/ in Chrome and uncheck the “Enabled” box next to the extension]

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