Space Monkey Founders Show Off Their P2P Storage System, Prepare For Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve written about Google Ventures-backed Space Monkey before, but last week we actually got to film the peer-to-peer storage service in-action.

Co-founder Clint Gordon-Carroll described the technology as “our way of disrupting the cloud” — you store your data on your own Space Monkey device, but it’s then encrypted and backed up on other devices across the company’s user network. The goal is to give you the advantages of cloud storage (backup, sharing, and accessibility from any device) at faster speeds and lower costs (a basic subscription costs $10 a month and includes a terabyte of storage).

You can see Gordon-Carroll walk through the Space Monkey interface towards the end of the video above. He browses the folders he’s stored on Space Monkey, then starts playing music without any noticeable delay. He also shows off the pinning feature, where certain files are also stored locally on your computer for offline access.

I asked Gordon-Carroll and his co-founder Alen Peacock about their target user. They said they’re looking for people with lots of data.

“It’s a generic market, but we see a trend, and that trend is the amount of data people are generating or creating over time,” Gordon-Carroll said.

As for what’s next, they said that they’ve got most of the technology and manufacturing in place. In the next few weeks, they plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund their efforts to actually bring Space Monkey to market.