Google’s Doodle Features American Labor Leader Cesar Chavez On Easter Sunday, Users Retaliate On Twitter

Google’s Doodles on the search page don’t frequently stir up too much controversy, but today many users are outraged by the search giant’s choice in featuring Cesar Chavez, an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist. Of course, today is also Easter, which is one of the most observed and celebrated religious holidays for Christians around the world.

Users have taken to Twitter, expressing anger over the fact that the Doodle features the labor leader instead of a drawing honoring the holiday (Google search engine rival Bing did feature Easter Eggs on its homepage).

Why Cesar Chavez? In 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama proclaimed March 31 as “Cesar Chavez Day.” That being said, since the company frequently celebrates major U.S. and international holidays through the Doodles, it is a little bizarre that Google wouldn’t include an Easter Egg-type of Doodle. But if you do a search of Google Doodles that celebrate Easter, it appears the search giant hasn’t created an Easter Doodle since 2000.

It would be easy to say Google doesn’t commemorate religious holidays. But there have been Doodles that have honored Christmas.