Rackspace Acquires Exceptional To Add App Error Tracking Tools For Developers

Web hosting giant Rackspace is acquiring Web app error tracking startup Exceptional Cloud Services and its subsidiaries to enhance its toolset for developers deploying and managing applications in the cloud. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Exceptional.io tracks errors in over 6,000 web applications. The service reports errors in real-time and gathers the information developers need to fix the issues fast. Airbrake, which was acquired by Exceptional last year, collects errors generated by other applications and aggregates the results for review.

Another Exceptional product with will be integrated into Rackspace is Redis To Go, makes managing Redis instances with fast caching and easier in-memory dataset operations deployed on demand.

Exceptional Cloud Services’ products are currently used by more than 50,000 application developers, including Exec, HotelTonight, Oracle, TaskRabbit and Zendesk

As Pat Matthew, senior VP of corporate development as Rackspace explains, this acquisition is part of helping give developers key technologies and tools “help them deliver more reliable customer experiences and to bring the next generation of cloud-based apps to market faster.”

Rackspace acquired Mailgun, a Y Combinator-backed startup that gave developers API for creating and managing online email inboxes for apps and websites, in August 2012, and most recently, ObjectRocket, a cloud-based commercial provider of MongoDB services.

The company says that the acquisition of Exceptional Cloud Services will also help advance Rackspace’s push into the MongoDB market, as the company plans to integrate Redis To Go with the MongoDB database as a service from ObjectRocket. This will allow developers to store the most recent data they have on a MongoDB for faster access, while providing data tools like lists, hashes and sorts.