Tidemark Launches Storylines, A Way To Tell A Story About A Company With Design And Infographic Style Visuals

Tidemark is launching a new service today called Storylines that provides a visual way to view a company’s performance. The SaaS platform provides a way to see data that in many ways borrows from the infographic style that has become so popular as a marketing tool. As part of the release, Tidemark is also announcing a deeper integration with Box, for in-line use of the online storage and collaboration service.

Infographics have become overused in a marketing context but the style works as a way to tell a story far understanding how a company performs. Tidemark layers its analytics technology on top of a company’s financial management system, data from external sources such as Twitter and Facebook and other relevant information. That data is then crunched dynamically to show financial data in an infographic style format.


Tidemark Storylines goes beyond reporting to instead tell a story. It ties operations drivers to financial performance in a way that Tidemark Founder and CEO Christian Gheorghe said in an interview allows for a company to do continuous forecasting.

The Box integration provides a way for the financial manager to store documents for purposes of disclosure management.  It allows joint customers to share content and collaboration within the context of their financial and operational processes. Box Embed allows business users to share documents associated with the processes they are already performing in Tidemark, without leaving the application.

Tidemark’s take on visually presenting financial data goes well beyond the ancient dashboard views that have long been a staple of the enterprise. The company, funded by Andreessen Horowitz and other investors, takes a mobile-first approach with a focus on the iPad for showing financial data in a visual format.

But it’s a space that is filling with competition from companies that provide new, dynamic ways to present data in a way people can actually understand. These include companies such as SAP HANA that is arguably a Tidemark competitor and a potent one at that.