Evernote 5 Lands On Android With Updated Camera, UI Tweaks

Evernote has just updated its Android app to version 5.0, the same update that recently hit both iOS and Mac OS X. The update brings with it an updated UI, as well as a number of new features such as a Shortcuts page which pops up when you swipe left, and an updated camera.

Page Camera mode, in particular, should be a blessing to those of us who use Evernote to capture pictures of notes more than we do to actually take notes. It lets you snap photos of text, automatically adjusting settings to reduce shadow and increase contrast for legibility. The newly updated camera will also let users snap multiple shots and add them to a note all at once.

Version 5.0 also integrates with Evernote’s Smart Notebook by Moleskin products.

Premium users also get to enjoy some new goodies, namely in the form of Document search. Evernote will now search through attached documents, spreadsheets and presentations from the universal search.

While version 5.0 of Evernote hit both iOS and Mac OS X already, Android is getting a feature that iOS hasn’t enjoyed yet in the form of shortcuts.

Evernote has continued to expand into international waters, but struggled to get its UI in shape. The 5.0 revamp across multiple platforms is a good start, but still laggy on mobile and perhaps too similar to the desktop version. As we all know, services with cross-platform support often need to tweak UIs and features differently on various platforms to meet user needs.

It’s also worth remembering that a recent hack forced Evernote to change everyone’s password. However, it looks like the storm has cleared, so if you’re interested in the Evernote 5 update for Android, click here.

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