One Notion Under Jobs: Newly Unearthed Videos Show 1984 Steve Wozniak Speaking On Pranks, Probation, And Apple’s Early Days

Damn it, Internet. I had things I needed to do this afternoon.

So much for that. A VHS recording of a 1984 Apple enthusiast meetup was recently rediscovered, and it had at least one very special gem tucked inside: footage of a 34-year old Steve Wozniak giving a speech on just about everything you’d want to see 34-year old Steve Wozniak talking about. Pranks. The decision to quit everything and start Apple. Changing the friggin’ world.

(Oh, plus a very special rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance, “One Notion Under Jobs”)

To give you a better sense of timeline: this is about eight years after Apple was first formed, seven years after the Apple II, and it’s the same year Apple launched the Macintosh. Woz would leave his full-time position at Apple about three years later.

A thousand high fives to public broadcasting journalist Vince Patton for digging these up and getting them online.

Woz On Quitting HP To Go All In With Apple:

Woz’s “One Notion Under Jobs” Pledge:

Woz On Getting Probation For Computer Abuse:

Woz On The Development Of Apple I:

Woz On The Development Of Apple II:

Woz On Knowing Apple Would Lose Money (Heh.):

Woz On Hacking His Hotel Rooms: