Finally, Someone Figured Out How To Use Vine

Will Sasso, it is said, is an actor. If you were to, say, look for all of his Vines, you would also discover that this is the only man in the entire universe to use the medium correctly and, what’s more, you will laugh all day long at his tiny, tiny videos.

Sasso, who appeared regularly on MADtv when that was a thing, is now doing great 6 second videos including this charming rendition of Robert DeNiro ordering Chinese food.

However, the most important part of his oeuvre are his excellent lemon skits, reproduced below.

Seriously: these are some of the funniest Vines you’ll see today and they prove that maybe this goofy little service has legs as long as someone with Sasso’s genius can produce wild stuff like this. Two thumbs up. Thank me for sharing this next time you see me.

via Gawker via Reddit