Watch Nokia’s Stephen Elop Lob Someone Else’s iPhone On The Floor, Promise To Replace It

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is a man with a mission: to try to drum up interest in the company’s Windows Phone line of Lumia smartphones in a market saturated with Androids and iPhones. So what better way to grab a lot of eyeballs than by literally trashing someone else’s iPhone on TV?

During an interview on a Finnish TV show called Hjalliksen kanssa, the (Finnish) presenter tells Elop he has an iPhone, and pulls it out of his pocket to prove it. “Oh, how embarrassing,” responds Elop with a burst of nervous laughter, clearly unsure what painful revelation might follow this national TV confession. Remember this is Finland where having to admit you don’t own a Nokia smartphone is akin to beng a Vatican official turning up at morning mass with a copy of The God Delusion.

But the presenter is clearly not out to shame Elop’s Windows Phone religion. This is a proper confession, as he tells him: “I want to have a Nokia phone.” The implication being:  ‘I can’t currently own a Nokia phone because the devices aren’t as good as the iPhone.’ Awkward much. At this point the cornered Elop comes up with a cunning escape plan to move things along — and takes the presenter’s iPhone out of his hand and lobs it off camera, telling him “I can take care of that for you right here, there you go.”


The video ends with Elop promising to replace the presenter’s iPhone with his sought after “Nokia phone”.

Having interviewed Elop recently, along with my TC colleague Ingrid Lunden, I can report that Elop asked us at the end of the interview what smartphones we own? Having seen this video, I’m pretty glad I said: “You don’t want to know what smartphones we have”.

Postscript: So what happened to the lobbed iPhone? According to Finnish website Tietoviikko, which contacted the TV show’s host, Hjallis Harkimo, to ask whether his iPhone was broken, the device “did not” in fact suffer any damage after all. Cue jokes about Elop being ineffective against iPhones.

Harkimo also told the publication he is yet to receive a replacement “Nokia phone”.

Video source: WMPoweruser