Apple Says Google Now Not Submitted To The App Store. Seems Eric Was “Talking Schmidt”

Apple reached out to us today to clarify that regardless of comments made by Google Executive Chairman at the Big Tent event in India earlier today, it hasn’t yet received an official submission of Google Now for iOS. There’s no such app in the queue, Apple says, so Google Now on iOS is still a pipe dream for the time being.

In case you missed it, Schmidt’s comments are at 17:50 in this video of the fireside chat from Big Tent with Alan Rusbridger. He explicitly talks about Apple’s approval policy and Google apps submitted to the queue. But it appears his comments didn’t specifically reflect an iOS version of Google Now in particular, despite bringing up the subject in direct reference to that topic brought up by a Rusbridger question.

Google Now for iOS might still be in the works at Google as this apparently leaked video suggests, but it’s still in Google’s hands according to this new information direct from Apple.