Vine, Tribeca Film Festival Launch #6SecFilms Vine Competition For Viners Obsessed With Vining Vines

Vine has steadily made waves ever since its launch in January. First it was a porn scare, and then it was widening growth against competitors like SocialCam and Viddy.

And throughout it all, we’ve watched stars like Adam Goldberg vine their hearts out. But with today’s announcement that Vine is powering a new 6-second film contest for the Tribeca Film Festival, the app has most certainly graduated into a new tier of awesomeness.

The contest is called #6SecFilms Vine Competition, and it’s a “mini festival just for Vines.”

Just in case you’ve missed the past two months, Vine is a new app from Twitter that lets you record six-second looping videos (like Gifs) which you can then share with friends on Twitter, Vine and Facebook. Contestants can shoot and enter as many vines as they want in the competition, as long as they’re within the following topics: #Genre, #Auteur, #Animate, and #Series.

The panel of judges hasn’t quite been solidified, but director Penny Marshall and “King of Vine” actor Adam Goldberg, whose made quite a name for himself on the video-sharing network, have both confirmed.

When you’ve finished shooting your submission(s), share them on Twitter with the hashtags #6SecFilms and your topic (#Genre, #Auteur, #Animate, or #Series), and be sure to follow @TribecaFilmFest on Twitter.

Vine’s growth has been solid, according to recent reports, but we can’t forget that most people are hesitant to be creative in new forums. In a recent conversation with 4chan and DrawQuest founder Chris Poole, he explained that many people feel very nervous when creatively approaching a blank slate.

The same may be true for Vine, but with promotion from other creative outlets such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Vine and it’s easy-to-use UI should squash those fears.