Google Continues To Expand Its Google+ Platform Team

It looks like Google is ready to expand the Google+ platform and is looking for engineers to help it do so. According to a new posting on the Google+ developer account, the Google+ Platform Team is looking for a few good engineers to help “make Google more collaborative and relevant to users.”

A while back, we heard rumors about a hiring freeze at Google+ (and that the company wasn’t making any Google+-specific acquisitions, either), but we were never able to really confirm this. Maybe this hiring freeze is now over, maybe it never happened (or maybe some people left the Google+ team and now need to be replaced), but it sure looks like Google is starting to put more resources into the Google+ platform. The job descriptions are sadly very generic, so it’s not clear if there are any specific areas the team wants to focus on.

plus_team_workMost recently, Google introduced the new Google+ sign-in buttons that combine the usual Google sign-in experience on third-party sites with some Google+ features, including a new sharing experience on Google+, as well as over-the-air-installs for Android apps. For the most part, however, the Google+ platform has focused more on Hangout apps than anything else, especially given that the Google+ API is still relatively limited.

Here is the full announcement:

The Google+ platform team is hiring!

Come help us connect Google users to the rest of their world.

The challenges are substantial, but the opportunity to make Google more collaborative and relevant to users wherever they are is enormous. The work is challenging, fast paced and always changing. Strong analytical skills, unwavering commitment to quality, collaborative work ethic, and cutting edge coding skills are all required. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the positions we’re looking to fill here:

Software Engineer – Mountain View:
Front End Software Engineer – Mountain View:
Software Engineer, Mobile Applications (Android / iOS) – Mountain View: