SecPoint Will Allow You To Access The Secretive Silk Road Black Market From Any Browser

Needs some pharmacologicals? Dirty deeds done dirt cheap? There’s an app (or website) for that.

For years, the Silk Road has been a source for black market dealings. Hidden on the Tor network, Silk Road is technically unreachable from the “normal” Internet without special secure software. Now, however, a few hackers who are attempting to remain nameless are working on a secure version of the Silk Road to bring it out of the dark Internet.

Take their claims with a grain of salt, but everything they described is technically possible right now.

The new site, temporarily parked as a Launchrock page, will “move to a new level of quality services using new technologies” and will not use the Tor network. It is, in short, an Etsy for illicit substances.

“We are a group of people interested in the free flow of soft drugs. National governments are cunning, prohibiting distribution of marijuana. We are businessmen,” said one of the founders in an anonymous mail translated via Google Translate.

“Access to the site is free. Sellers will give a commission of 5.10% of the transaction,” he said.

The infrastructure is apparently distributed and the servers will hold no data – only temporary information regarding current transactions. “All the traffic and all the contents of the virtual machine is encrypted,” he said. “The main server is in the cloud.”

“If the cloud server can not contact the load balancer for eight hours, it will automatically turn off and on again only with a key.”

The site will obviously attempt to sell pot and other soft drugs, yet the secrecy of the participants and the popularity of Silk Road suggests that this could be used for all the things for which the Tor site is used. At least, I suppose, it will be nice for folks to finally be able to see what the Silk Road has to offer but, like the goings-on at Fight Club, it’s probably not a good idea to talk about things that are sold there.

We’ll have more from these lads as they roll out their service. Until then, have fun downloading the Onion Browser and checking out the Darknet.