Evernote Food Update Brings OpenTable And Foursquare Integration, Recipe Sharing & More

Evernote Food, the now over a year old mobile app offering recipe search and a restaurant locator function, is today getting an update which adds support for OpenTable reservations, Foursquare ratings, and recipe sharing, among other things.

The update follows Evernote Food’s 2.0 release in December, which brought the experience to the iPad’s big screen for the first time. Previously, the app had allowed users to record recipes, but the last big update finally let them search for recipes, too, including searching by dish, ingredients, or even blog name, thanks to a partnership with¬†Punchfork.

Today, Food is now making it possible to also share your clipped recipes as well, with the introduction of social sharing via Facebook, Twitter or email.


However, the app’s more notable update, perhaps, is the OpenTable integration. Now, you can use Food to not only find a restaurant – which includes seeing Foursquare ratings on the “Place Details” screen – you can book a table directly within the app, too.

Some other minor improvements in the latest release include support for iOS photo albums, faster image uploads, better search results, and support for regional publishers for app users located in China and Japan.

When Evernote Food¬†first launched back in December 2011, it felt more like an app meant to demo Evernote’s capabilities. But over time, the app has been steadily improved, as has Evernote’s contacts management app, Hello, which was introduced at the same time.

With Food, instead of building up its own restaurant and recipe finder from scratch, the company is smartly partnering with leaders in the space, then tying your activity across those platforms back to Evernote, which serves as the hub for lists created with Food, and now, recipes from Food’s Cookbook, too.

Today’s update is also prompting users to reset their passwords, following the wide-scale hack which the company reported earlier this month.

The new app is available here in the Apple App Store.