Apple Zaps Lock Screen Bug With iOS 6.1.3, Also Updates Japanese Maps

Apple has just issued an update for iOS devices, iOS 6.1.3, which fixes the lock screen bug we described in a previous post that would allow someone to bypass the lock and access the Phone app and potentially private information. It also brings improvements to the Maps apps specific to Japan, and contains additional “security improvements” and “bug fixes.”

Samsung has promised to issue a fix for a similar lock screen bug on its own Galaxy S3 device, but has yet to release the patch at this point. If you’re running an earlier version, it’s a very good idea to update your device to shut down this security loophole, which Apple moved pretty quickly to address.

Apple addressed some problems with Japan region locations in a server-side update last week, adding tol roadĀ notifications, improving pronunciation of audio directions and building in more 3D renderings of landmarks for flyover mode. This update apparently continues that work on the device side, according to Apple’s release notes.