Cheezburger’s Ben Huh On Why Founders And Companies Should Be More Funny [TCTV]

A lot of founders and companies will say that their big focus is on being taken seriously — especially at the earlier stages. But Ben Huh, the CEO of the super popular Cheezburger Network of websites, says that people should also focus on being taken not-so-seriously. Humor can help provide an important edge in the business world, he says, and it’s a tool that’s not used nearly often enough.

We sat down with Huh this past week at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas to hear a bit more about what it means to be funny at work. Watch the video embedded above to see Ben talk about his personal definition of what humor is, why businesses should make fun of themselves more often, how people who aren’t necessarily blessed with comedic talents can still bring humor into their businesses, and what it was like for Cheezburger to have some laughs on a nationwide scale with its Bravo reality show LOLwork.