FuzeBox Hires Google’s Amritansh Raghav And Skype’s Eran Shtiegman To Lead Product And Engineering

Video conferencing company FuzeBox is announcing two big hires today — Amritansh Raghav (left), former engineering director for Google Compute Engine, and Eran Shtiegman (right), a former director of product management at Skype (where he worked on social products and ads).

Raghav is the company’s new chief security officer and senior vice president of engineering, while Shtiegman will be the vice president of product and user experience.

CEO Jeff Cavins said that when FuzeBox management asked, “Who would be our ideal candidates and help us scale products and operations at a global level?” it was looking for people who had successfully launched enterprise products, had experience with “massive scale,” and had also dealt with “massive user adoption.” Together, Raghav and Shtiegman “really hit all three criteria” — both of them have long resumés that include working on the Lync videoconferencing service at Microsoft. (FuzeBox also says that Raghav was a key driver Google Docs and Compute Engine, and that both men were crucial to Microsoft’s unified communications strategy.)

The fact that Raghav and Shtiegman have worked together before isn’t a coincidence — Shtiegman said that Raghav “basically recruited me.” Raghav described FuzeBox as a company that’s well-positioned to “rethink communication and collaboration” in the face of a growing number of Internet-connected devices. (For example FuzeBox launched a powerful video-conferencing app for the iPhone last year.)

“We are lucky to be coming into a place where product is already on fire,” Raghav added. So his job will be “thinking about — with this change in the kind of screens, whether it’s glasses, it’s tablets, it’s smartphones — what is the ideal experience going to look like for the user?”

FuzeBox says its customers include Kellogg’s, GM, Evernote and Spotify.