YouTube Capture Goes Big, As The Dedicated Video Recording App Launches On iPad

Have you ever wanted to be that guy at the concert who holds his iPad up while recording video to post to YouTube, somehow oblivious to the people around him and all semblance of good taste? Well now you can!* That’s because YouTube is making its dedicated video recording app available on iPad, just three months after rolling out the app for iPhone.

YouTube Capture was launched to simplify the process of recording and uploading video to YouTube by putting all the tools to do so in a single app. Once a user has finished recording a video, it lets them add captions, tags and other metadata, and the app instantly uploads the file directly to his or her YouTube channel, or it can be saved as a private video if they’re shy about sharing with the world.

For those who want to make minor edits to their videos, the app even includes color correction, auto stabilization, trimming, and music options. And it uploads video in the background when the app is closed, so users don’t have to worry about keeping it open while they move on with their lives.

The launch of the app shows YouTube’s — and parent company Google’s — increased interest in making their apps available on iOS, even as it is a rival to their own Android mobile operating system. That includes a dedicated app for viewing YouTube videos, as well as Google Maps, Gmail, and other apps that have been built for using Google-owned services on the iPhone and iPad.

Video recording and uploading to YouTube is a feature directly built into Android phones and tablets, so having a dedicated recording app isn’t entirely necessary on those platforms. Nevertheless, a YouTube spokesperson said the company is looking to bring YouTube Capture to Android in the future, as well.

* I’m pretty sure, though not positive, that due to various blurry rules about copyright and whatever around live shows, this isn’t something that YouTube would encourage. But hell, people do it anyway.