Twitter Appoints Adam Messinger As Chief Technology Officer, A Role Left Vacant Since 2011

Twitter is preparing itself to be a company taken seriously. More importantly, it wants to be one that is a darling in the public marketplace. Today, AllThingsD reports that the company has appointed Adam Messinger as CTO, a position that has been vacant since Greg Pass left the company. This would make Messinger Twitter’s second CTO.

Messinger spent over a year at Twitter as the VP of application engineering before making the jump.

Companies like Google and Facebook don’t have an active CTO role, with some feeling that this position is that of a “front person,” but it’s clearly a role that Twitter felt like it needed to fill, especially if it’s indeed on the road to IPO.

AllThingsD points out that this move will also unify its Engineering division, with some shifts coming as to whom reports to whom.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment and will update our story if we hear back.

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