Oracle Buys Nimbula For Cloud OS Software, Not OpenStack

Oracle is buying Nimbula, the cloud OS startup started by some of the original creators of Amazon Web Services (AWS). But contrary to the reactionary hype, the purchase is for the team and the company’s technology and not as a means to join OpenStack, the open cloud organization that Nimbula participates in as a member.

It does make good headlines or tweets for that matter, to say that the eye of Sauron is upon OpenStack with the news today of Oracle’e acquisition.

Update: James Governor followed up: “Many failed to understand the Sauron tweet, Oracle is responding to the Unblinking IBM. not a value judgement on evil but focus”

Anyway, it still makes for a timely tweet.

By proxy, Oracle will have a place set for it at the OpenStack table. They’ll look across at other enterprise giants, such as VMware, which also by proxy joined OpenStack when it acquired Nicira. HP, Dell and IBM are members of OpenStack, as well.

More so, Oracle really could use the Nimbula technology and the people who created it. Nimbula was founded by the developers of Amazon EC2. With people like that on your team it makes more sense that Oracle has thoughts about changing its strategy to focus om building something in the likeness of AWS.

Oracle cares more about building its own infrastructure. I am sure Larry and his gang will use OpenStack when it makes sense. But as a secret ploy to join the foundation and take over Middle Earth?