Days Of Wonder Turns To Crowdfunding To Produce Small World 2 For Tablets

Any geek worth his fedora and duster will know the name Days of Wonder immediately. The company makes some of the best boardgames around (Cargo Noir needs to win an Emmy) and Small World is probably the best fantasy game I’ve played in a long time. Now you can take part in an effort to bring Small World 2 to a tablet near you.

Small World itself is already a popular iOS game and the new version aims to add a bit more complexity to the title by allowing up to five players to play simultaneously and the addition of new maps and creature types. It will also be available for Android. A pledge of $15 gets you a digital download of the game plus some special content not available to non-backers.

Why are they going the Kickstarter route? The company has been looking for ways to supply the game to Android and Steam users. However, because they’re focusing most of their development energy on Ticket to Ride, another popular title, it’s hard for them to pivot. “For a small company like us, especially one doing all its development in-house, creating versions for these platforms is a non-trivial project,” they said.

Given how many people would love to smack down some Tritons, Skeletons, and Goblins in an evening, it is a pastime popular with our own kin here at home.