Newvem Launches Heat Map For CIOs, CTOs, And DevOps To Visualize AWS Cloud Usage

Newvem has launched a heat map that visualizes customers’ usage of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service is designed to replace the primitive tools that AWS provides and gives customers an alternative to tracking spreadsheets. Instead, customers get a full picture of their usage in one view.

Newvem collects resource data used by AWS users. It then rationalizes and normalizes it, puts it into hourly utilization buckets, and presents the analysis to users for the period of time in which they were signed in. The free version provides a 30-day view. The premium service shows longer periods of data analysis.

Utilization Heatmap Large

The heat map compares the data and updates analysis in 15-minute intervals. Utilization data on the map is aggregated into hour buckets over a 30-day period, 720 buckets in total. A user can drill down on each bucket to see more granular analysis.

Newvem caters primarily to a technical community of CIOs, CTOs and DevOps professionals. It is their job to be continually aware of their workloads across AWS. The challenge is to keep utilization optimized across the different instances that a company might use. That might be a mix of reserved instances, standard ones and spot instances that are purchased.

Cameron Peron, Newvem vice president of marketing, said that more than 15 percent of AWS clouds are significantly underutilized, symbolizing the need for a simple way to understand utilization and improve it across time, machine types, regions and availability zones.

Newvem fills a space in the market similar to companies such as Cloudability, which is also helping customers visualize their cloud spending.