WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg On Working From Home, Making Money Without Ads, And More [TCTV]

It’s always a pleasure to talk to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, as he’s one of the more interesting and friendly people in the upper echelons of the tech founder sphere. So we took a few minutes to meet up with him this weekend while he was in Austin for the South By Southwest conference. He’s a native Texan, so it was fun to meet in his home state.

And there was quite a bit to talk about. Mullenweg has some pretty informed opinions on the recent hot topic of remote working, as 130 of the 150 people who work for Automattic (WordPress.com‘s parent company) work remotely from outside of the company’s San Francisco headquarters. And with his growing activity investing both in startups and artistic projects along with the continued success of WordPress as a publishing platform, there’s no shortage of things to discuss.

In the video embedded above, you can watch Mullenweg talk about how in the future every knowledge company could have a distributed work force, WordPress’ unique ad-averse revenue strategy, how he balances tech life with his creative interests, Automattic’s M&A strategy, and more.