Go NoSQL Style – The Geeky Gangnam Version

This could have been an absolute flop – a parody of itself. But this Gangnam-style video about the NoSQL database is actually not so bad. It’s goofy and amateurish. But that’s what makes it so awesome.

The makers say on their YouTube page that it all began as a joke and turned into what they call the “geekiest, and possibly the only educational Gangnam Style parody: NoSQL Style.”

Geeks need to make more of these kinds of videos. In this case, the lyrics, the video and the dancing all come together to give some life to the all too unreachable world of NoSQL databases:

It’s the rage now so turn the page now
And boost your stack, hey
And boost your stack, hey
It might sound frightening but it’s the right thing
To modernize, hey
Your enterprise, hey
Or you can stick with what you’ve got and make a great big mess, mess, mess
Go No SQL style

Yes, this is super geeky. But what a laugh to see this cast of characters dance Gangnam style in an office park….about NoSQL!

Although the filming of this video was a fun and awesome experience, we also faced adversities such as parenthood, professional obligation, and social responsibility. Filming in public venues left no room for shyness or embarrassment on set. What word best epitomized the crew? Shameless.

Well, to quote these  geeks I just say this:

Solve your biggest data problems right away, way, way, way, way….

Go NoSQL style.