Bang With Friends Launches Site To Help You Have Sex With Strangers At SXSW

Hooking up at SXSW was never very hard, but it just got easier. If you’re in Austin this week and looking for that special someone to have anonymous sex with, look no further: Bang With Friends has extended its hookup app to make it available for the unwashed hordes social media experts looking for a little love after a margarita… or six.

If you have never used Bang With Friends, it works like this: You go to the site, click Facebook Connect, and choose from a mosaic of friends who you’re “Down To Bang” with. And if one of your friends also clicks on you to indicate that they’re Down To Bang as well, you’re both sent an email suggesting that you just get it over with and hook up already.

Well, the site has launched a new landing page at, which is aimed at hooking up attendees that might be interested in, um, banging. Unlike the original web app, BWF’s SXSW page shows you other attendees who have connected with the SXSW page, highlighting them with a special SXSW symbol. Because, you know, this is all about SEX. At SXSW.

In addition to the SXSW-specific site, Bang With Friends is partnering with MakeLoveNotPorn’s Cindy Gallop, who is speaking at the event. BWF minions will be handing out limited-edition-branded condoms during her session.

It’s all mainly promotional fluff for the site’s bigger mission of connecting people who’d like to have sex with one another. And on that front, it seems to be doing pretty well — already, Bang With Friends has had about 750,000 users connect to the site, submitting some 16 million “Down to Bang” clicks since the site launched. Of all those clicks, about 180,000 pairs have been successfully matched… Though there’s no word on how many of them ended up doing the deed.

Bang With Friends isn’t the only app to tap into SXSW’s hookup culture to get ahead. Social network Qpid is using the event as a way to get users sharing their sexual health status. You know, as a way to ensure other people don’t get your STDs.