PopTip Brings Its Instant Twitter Polling And Revamped Dashboard To Brands On Facebook

After launching out of TechStars NY back in June, PopTip has been building out a Facebook version of its instant polling product.

PopTip originally launched for Twitter, letting brands ask questions in natural language and then tracking all the responses (misspellings and all) to give back to the brand.
PopTip promised a Facebook counterpart to the product down the line, and has today delivered upon that promise.

PopTip has its own Dashboard that lets brands ask questions that are posted directly to Twitter, and now Facebook. For example, Nike would tweet (or post) a picture of a new pair of shoes, asking their followers which color would be best, blue, green, black, or red? PopTip would then track every answer to that question, even if the user misspells blue or doesn’t use the proper hashtag.

That product is now extending into the world of Facebook, which already has its own Polls product. However, founder Kelsey Falter tells TechCrunch that PopTip is much better for brands, in that they can post media along with their question. On Facebook, PopTip tracks and indexes every comment made on a brand’s Facebook post.

In fact, once a brand signs on to PopTip’s platform, the service indexes every word that crosses their social channels. PopTip will only deliver results on the questions brand’s specify as PopTippable, so as to not congest their dashboards, but brands can always request to see information on other posts even if they didn’t go through the PopTip dashboard originally.

The PopTip dashboard has been entirely revamped, yet maintains its two-facedness. There is a front-end dashboard that can be seen by all followers to track the results of a poll they’ve participated in, while there’s a back-end dashboard catered to the brands, who can watch the answers come in real time.

PopTip charges $1,000/per month per handle, and that includes a Facebook connection through a Twitter handle. In other words, PopTip will hook brands up with Twitter and Facebook tracking (not exclusively Facebook tracking) for $1000/per month.

However, brands seem to be down with the price tag, considering the 15 brands already signed on to the platform are seeing a 10 percent response rate to PopTip questions, as opposed to the usual 1 percent of followers who respond to brand social media.

PopTip is excited to tackle the big wide world of Facebook, and even more excited to see the way brands integrate PopTip into their social media workflow.

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