Facebook Updates Its Photo Experience To Be More “Immersive” In News Feed, Timeline And Albums

Today, Facebook has announced sweeping design changes to its News Feed, along with a total overhaul of its Photo experience. Photos are a huge part of what makes Facebook so engaging, and the company says that this new design is more “immersive.” Basically, the design highlights your photographs in the News Feed, your Timeline and Photo Albums.

Photos from third-party apps like Pinterest and Instagram are also getting a better treatment, with larger and better-highlighted images. Additionally, photos that show up with location check-ins will get more love.


“In the new design, we’re making sure that this media type is front and foremost,” said Julie Zhou, product design manager at Facebook. What we’re being shown is what Facebook calls a “richer, simpler” Facebook experience over all devices, including desktop. This consistency is key, as it’s something that Facebook has struggled with in the past.


Facebook’s reason for acquiring Instagram has never been clearer. Photos are the entry point into so many people’s Facebook experiences. For example, being tagged in a Facebook photo is one of the main hooks that keeps people coming back. It’s difficult not to click a link in the email you get when you’re tagged.

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