Samsung To Continue Its Innovation Push With Head Tracking Auto-Scroll On The GSIV

If these leaked screenshots are the real deal, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV will feature a rather innovative way to scroll. Called “Smart scroll” the phone can apparently scroll based on a user’s head angle. This will work in browsers and emails. Novelty? Probably. Innovation? Absolutely.

Auto-tracking is the next frontier in user interaction. Intelligent eye-tracking would result in a revolutionary paradigm shift. Contrary to earlier rumors, Samsung’s Smart scroll doesn’t seem to track eye movement, but the leaked screenshots seem to indicate a similar result.

Sammobile notes that these screenshots were taken from a leaked Android 4.2.1 build intended for the Galaxy S III but insists the Galaxy S IV will have the features as well.

There’s no word on how this interaction takes place. Chances are it uses the front-facing camera in some way rather than including new tracking hardware. But, if true, Samsung is again pushing forward the smartphone.

Samsung is now a global leader in smartphones. It’s not following anymore. The company is charging forward ahead of other vendors and innovation is leading the way. The Galaxy S III is loaded with clever features not found in other smartphones: Direct Call, S Beam, Pop up play.

Apple won the early smartphone wars thanks to similar clever functions. Apple’s innovation turned to iteration. But not at Samsung. And consumers are reacting in kind, making Samsung the largest smartphone vendor.

It’s likely that the next Galaxy S will feature other novel functions along with head tracking. All secrets will be revealed on March 16th when Samsung unveils it at a massive NYC event.