LifeBeam Brings Fighter Pilot Heart-Monitoring Technology To Your Bicycle Helmet

LifeBeam is kicking off an Indiegogo campaign for a new smart cycling helmet that uses smart sensors to track your heart rate.

LifeBeam is an Israel-based startup that thus far has specialized in aerospace technology that is used to track the vital signs of fighter jet pilots and astronauts. Instead of bulky chest strap monitors, Lifebeam uses their own specialized sensors that are built into the helmet to track their heart rate and vitals.

The people behind LifeBeam then asked themselves, “What if we put that technology into a smart cycling helmet?” Thus this helmet was born.

The aptly named SMART is just that. The helmet uses Bluetooth to relay all the information the LifeBeam sensors collect instantly onto monitoring devices, fitness watches, and smartphones.

LifeBeam has little experience designing and producing bicycle helmets, of course, so it’s turned to the popular cycling gear outfit Laser Sport to handle things on that end of the business. The finished product, if LifeBeam can raise enough money, should be a pretty handsome looking cycling helmet with some very high-end sensing technology.

“We are proud to present the world’s first smart cycling helmet,” LifeBeam says in their IndieGogo video. “Our unique sensing technology, partnered with Lazer Sport helmets, create high end cycling helmets that allow continuous measurement of heart rate and motion.”

LifeBeam is seeking to raise at least $50,000, and a starting contribution of $149 will get you your very own SMART helmet. If you’re an avid cycler and this seems like something you need, you can check out their IndieGogo page here.