Let’s Create! Pottery, Because Virtual Pottery And 3D Printing Were Made For Each Other

I can’t tell you how many times I wished my virtual pottery collection in Let’s Create! Pottery, a fun game on iOS and Android that lets you sculpt and paint little pottery pieces, could be brought to real life.

Now through the magic of 3D printing, I can do just that.

Inside the game, you can sculpt and paint your pottery piece just as you would in previous versions of the game.

Once you put the finishing touches on your pot, you’ll see that there’s a new option to “print”. This takes you to a page where you choose the size of your pot and put in an order to Sculpteo, a 3D printing firm based in France.

A small pot, around 2 inches tall, can be ordered for around $14 (including $6 shipping). Larger sizes are a little more expensive. A medium pot (4 inches) will cost $30 while a large (6 inches) will cost around $100.

Let’s Create! Pottery shipped a review unit to our offices, where the 3D printed pottery piece in question arrived in a quaint wooden box. Inside, I found the pot nestled in a bundle of hay, which was a nice touch.

While the future of 3D printing looks towards producing entire houses and automobiles, this is a reminder that it’s still immensely useful for the little stuff.

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