Mark Pearson’s Markco Media Invests $225K In Customer Loyalty Platform, a newly launched UK startup that is building a mobile platform to help independent retailers offer their own customer loyalty scheme, has raised £150,000 (~$225k) from Mark Pearson’s Markco Media. Pearson, a well-known investor and entrepreneur in the UK, is founder of discount website MyVoucherCodes, amongst other online marketing and advertising-related ventures.

Aiming to lower the barriers for SMEs who want to get in on the loyalty scheme action, is a platform and smartphone app that essentially takes away the heavy lifting for smaller retailers who want to leverage customer loyalty through various marketing activities using a “loyalty card” model. One way to think of it is as a “Nectar” card scheme for independents who don’t have the resources to roll their own.

For consumers, the platform consists of both a physical loyalty card and the smartphone app which they present to participating retailers (both are offered for convenience and to support customers who don’t have a compliant smartphone).

Retailers get access to the underlying platform, which as well as handling the loyalty tracking and offers aspect, also provides analytics to help measure the success of campaigns. They’ll have to pay for a subscription to use the platform, and will also need a compatible device — currently an iPad, which the company can optionally supply — in order to scan the loyalty card/app’s QR code via its front-facing camera and supporting retailer app.

Its competitors in London are Footfall123, and Stampfeet, while worldwide it’s Belly Card. Aside from those competing platforms, however,’s biggest challenge will be signing up enough businesses for the card to achieve some kind of ubiquity, and in turn, enough consumer mind share.

Interestingly, the link between and Pearson doesn’t end at today’s funding. The startup is founded by ex-Markco Media employee Martin Herd who worked in the company’s marketing department. After Pearson invited employees to submit ideas for a new venture, was selected for backing and Herd as the startup’s CEO.