Fileboard Launches Service For Sales People To Improve Presentations And Analyze Results

Earlier today, I wrote about VMware selling SlideRocket to Clearslide, a service that allows sales people to upload collateral and presentations, as well as edit and analyze results. Yesterday I spoke to one of the co-founders of Fileboard, which has changed its direction to offer a service quite similar to Clearslide.

Fileboard is an app that fits into a CRM ecosystem and provides immediate feedback to sales people. It’s the kind of service that, like Clearslide, is applicable to sales engagements across a wide spectrum of the market. Fileboard uses the cloud to provide a common platform for collaborating and tracking how customers are engaging with a presentation sent by a sales person. But, unlike Clearslide, Fileboard does not allow people to edit slide content.

But does that really matter? Co-Founder Khuram Hussain said they see themselves as more of a communications service than a sales-presentation provider and are focused on offering a simple way to upload files and start sharing presentations with customers.

That aside, Fileboard does offer an easy way to upload and rearrange slides, and send them directly from the console.


All the uploaded files are converted into data objects and made available as links. The links are easily tracked:


It also offers analytics to view the click-throughs that illustrate how often the presentation has been viewed, as well as how it then gets shared.


Fileboard also tells a story about how the team is performing:


The data from the customers can help Fileboard determine what works in a presentation and what does not. Managers can correlate the relationship between successful sales people and the analytics about success rates of presentations sent from the Fileboard service.

Fileboard supports screen sharing and integrates with Box and Dropbox so presentations may be automatically updated. Notes can be automatically added to a CRM system.