Appy Couple Partners With To Add Trendy New Themes To The Wedding App Creator

Appy Couple, the same wedding-focused app creation platform that saw a wait list of 7,000 couples after launching a private beta, is now partnering with Brides and to bring new themes to the service.

As it stands now, Appy Couple already has over 300 various themes built by expert designers so that brides can choose a slipper that fits perfectly for their technological wedding hub. After choosing a theme (that matches the theme of the wedding), couples can send out invitations, track RSVPs, share photos, share their wedding story, and collaborate with the wedding party.

Guests and members of the wedding party can download the couple-specific app on to any of their devices to enjoy the magic right along with the couple, all the way up until the big day.

According to Sharmeen Mitha-Segel, Appy Couple founder, the services has hosted over 500,000 guests so far.

Thanks to this new partnership with Brides/, Appy Couple will bring the trend expertise of the Brides brand to the platform. Every theme will still come with all the same functionality of Appy Couple’s digital suite, including RSVPs, a guest book, photo albums, a registry, and more. To start, Brides is offering seven new themes, but more will be added each month.

Here’s what Brides Digital Director Lisa Gooder had to say about it:

Brides is pleased to partner with Appy Couple to launch a curated line of website and app designs. Brides is committed to embracing new and disruptive technologies that ease and streamline wedding planning for brides-to-be, and Appy Couple is an ideal, innovative solution for engaged couples.

As a part of the partnership, Appy Couple will also help facilitate the digital side of a new program called Brides Live Wedding, wherein a wedding is planned entirely based on Facebook Likes.

For now, however, Appy Couple is focused on getting its users the best and broadest possible portfolio of wedding-centric design themes.

Appy Couple isn’t like any other wedding digital service, in that it gives users a dashboard to create their own apps. Remember when building your own website was only accessible to major corporations and developers? Until WordPress and Tumblr stumbled along and gave us all legs to stand on?

Appy Couple is like that for apps, with a focus on weddings. Other companies like Yapp and most recently Kleverbeast are doing similar things in the space, with one focused on more niche instances like events and others offering a platform to build any kind of app you’d like.

Appy Couple was one of the first to offer easy app creation to anyone, and with a focus on a multi-billion dollar industry like weddings, I don’t expect this startup to go anywhere but up.

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