This Facebook-Twitter Marriage Proposal Shows Social Media Might Not Be Killing Romance After All

There’s this video making the San Francisco and tech industry rounds this weekend, of Facebook staffer Jon Park proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Twitter employee Genevieve Wong. It’s called the “Twitbook Proposal,” since Park incorporated the products built at both his and Wong’s day jobs into the whole thing. The result is pretty amazing.

We all know that social media can sometimes ironically be more alienating than anything, but this is really an example of Twitter and Facebook at their best, bringing people together and helping them chronicle the special moments in their lives. It also shows that social media might not be killing love after all. The Twitbook Proposal is proof that it’s possible to incorporate Twitter and Facebook into a relationship in ways that are actually tasteful, relevant, and even romantic.

You might think that you’ve become totally desensitized to the trend of Adorable Clever Wedding Proposal videos, but this one might just thaw out your cold heart. Seriously. Watch it and try not to crack a smile (or if you’re me, cry like a baby.)

Congratulations and good luck, you crazy kids.