YouTube Lays Easter Egg In Tribute To Harlem Shake Meme

In one of Google’s funnier Easter Eggs, users have a fun surprise awaiting them on YouTube. Conducting a YouTube search for “do the Harlem shake” initiates a UI-style Harlem Shake on the world’s biggest video sharing platform.

The dance starts with the YouTube logo doing the classic back-and-forth seen in the beginning of most Harlem Shake videos (more often than not, by a solo dancer wearing a yellow hat or helmet).

Once the beat drops, the entire page (thumbnails, descriptions, related videos, etc.) begin to “do the Harlem Shake,” or at the very least, the meme’s version of the Harlem Shake.

February, along with being Black History Month and hosting Valentine’s Day, was also the month of the Harlem Shake. The meme originated early this month, and was replicated by major organizations like Facebook, Google, and the U.S. Military. Oh, and this dishwasher.

There’s scientific evidence behind the popularity of the meme (you can ask Josh), but the point is that it’s spread like wildfire. We even did one. Sigh.

If you want to see YouTube’s version of the meme, just click here.

I know, we promised we’d never post another Harlem Shake video again, but considering this seems to be incredibly similar to the bookmarklet that led to that promise, we thought we’d let you guys in on the fun too.

Google has been playing fun pranks on users since 2002. However, this Harlem Shake tribute is just about as perfect as it can get. After all, YouTube is the birthplace and home of the Harlem Shake meme.