Vimeo Adds “Looks” To Its Enhancer Toolbox, Powered By Visual FX Specialist Vivoom

Video sharing company Vimeo has always been about bringing out the best in the videos that its creators upload. As a result, it’s gotten a reputation as a sort of artsy YouTube, the place where “real” artists make their videos available. But not every video uploaded to Vimeo gets there as a finished product. In fact, there’s a ton of content that could do with some “enhancing.”

That’s why Vimeo rolled out its enhancer toolbox. Launched last May, Vimeo’s enhancer tools were made available to help creators improve their videos through cloud-based editing products. The first tool to be made available was a platform for adding licensed music to user’s videos.

Now, the IAC-owned video site is helping its creators to improve their videos through a series of visual effects that it’s calling “Looks.” The new feature will provide more than 500 different filters its creators can use to enhance their videos, all of which can be added, previewed, and selected through a cloud-based editor on Vimeo’s site. They’ll be able to see how the effects look compared against their original videos and switch looks on the fly. They’ll also be able to adjust the intensity of each look and apply it to any part of a video.

Since there are so many looks to choose from, creators will be able to discover them by mood or genre. And really, that’s the secret sauce of the looks feature, helping users to find the effects that will most improve the videos that they’ve already shot.

Enhancer Screenshot

The whole thing is powered by Vivoom, which provides a cloud-based platform for editing videos and applying visual effects to them. Vivoom launched to the general public about a month ago, with promises to power video enhancement for one big partner. And, well, here we are.

Anyway, Vimeo users will be able to try out the looks feature and add visual effects to their own videos over the next few weeks. They’ll be free for the next 90 days. After that, Vimeo will be charging for use of the platform, but price has been yet to be determined. So go get enhancing!