The Soccket Is An Electricity-Generating Soccer Ball For The Developing World

We’re positively sure no one ever in the history of the world looked at a soccer ball and thought of it as anything more than just a soccer ball. That’s why we’re a little astounded at SOCCKET, just a normal soccer ball… that also doubles as a portable generator.

You take SOCCKET and play around with it just as you would with an ordinary soccer ball. Dribble, score some goals, take a few good-natured kicks at people’s heads.

SOCCKET then takes all of that kinetic energy from rolling around and hitting people’s heads and converts it into electrical energy. SOCCKET also includes a tiny LED lamp that can be plugged into the ball. 30 minutes of play with SOCCKET can power the lamp for 3 hours.

SOCCKET’s aim, of course, is to be a little more than a novelty item gathering dust on the shelves of The Sharper Image. What may seem like a cool “gimmicky” gadget to us is surely a lot more than that to developing regions of the world with limited access to electricity.

That’s probably why SOCCKET is currently being tested into “resource-poor” areas of North America, South America, and Africa. When you add that factor to soccer’s (aka football’s) overall popularity worldwide, this all sounds like it could be a real winner.

SOCCKET is currently fundraising over at Kickstarter, with a starting pledge of $89.

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