Bug In Kindle Update For iOS Deletes Users’ Entire Library, Amazon Warns Users Not To Update

Amazon yesterday updated its Kindle for iOS app, which works across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to version 3.6.1. The update was meant to fix a few bugs as well as the registration process. Instead, that update seems to be wreaking havoc on bookworm-style iThing owners who watched as their Amazon digital libraries and saved settings were erased before their eyes.

Update: Amazon has responded with the following advice:

We have identified an issue with the app update that may cause your app to become deregistered. To register, enter your Amazon account e-mail address and password and all your Amazon content will be available in the cloud. We have submitted an update fix for this issue and are working with Apple to release.

Update 2: It appears that Apple has pushed out Amazon’s update, to fix the deregistration problems with the update which was meant to fix registration problems. The latest version should keep your library safe.

Here’s just a taste of the reviews on Amazon’s iTunes page:

The update deleted all books from my iPad, and I had to register again, creating a second name for the same iPad. It’s like starting all over again. Now I have to upload over 130 books from the cloud.

Amazon has acknowledged the bug right on its own iTunes page, saying “There is a known issue with this update. If you are an existing Kindle for iOS user, we recommend you do not install this update at this time.”

The real question is, how will Amazon react to its loyal customers (clearly not that loyal, what with the iOS bit, but still) after putting them through the pain and effort of restoring their entire library.

Of course, the cloud saves those customers from ever having to pay twice over for the same piece of content, but when you have 25 movies, 30 TV episodes and 200 books saved in their rightful spot, setting that shindig up again can be a real pain.

We’re also wondering how long it will take for Amazon to push an update that will relieve Kindle iOS users of this issue.

We’ve reached out to Amazon and will update as soon as we hear back.

[via TUAW]