Budding Service Management App Mhelpdesk Hits 5K Customers

Mhelpdesk is fielding a message to small businesses: help us help you. Headaches can ensue when businesses use separate applications to manage the daunting inflow and outflow of service tickets, scheduling and billing. With little to no communication between those applications, a lot can fall through the cracks. That’s where Mhelpdesk is aiming to make a difference. Mhelpdesk merges those functions into a single unified application that it hopes will attract businesses with its simplicity and functionality.

Founded by Vincent Wong, Khoa Ho, and Ryan Shank, Mhelpdesk was originally envisioned as a “help desk” app for closing tickets for IT departments. That direction quickly changed when Wong realized businesses as a whole needed a better way to bridge the gap between service tickets and billing.

There are two reasons why Mhelpdesk is staking its claim to become the de facto service management application of choice. The first one is simplicity. “Our software requires no training, setup, or handholding,” says Shank. Its software is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile app platforms (iOS and Android). Mhelpdesk also claims that most of its users got things up and running within a day, surely a boon for more tech-adverse business owners.

The second reason is price. Mhelpdesk is based a freemium model which allows users to signup for a free 30 day trial on their website, and upgrade to a premium model with more features and capabilities if they so desire. There are four separate tiers that range from “Lite” ($19 a month) to “Gold” ($149 a month). Instead of paying for the licenses of three separate “fragmented applications”, Mhelpdesk is banking that businesses will aim to cut costs by paying for one application that does all of the above.

Mhelpdesk was recently accepted into AOL’s very own Fishbowl Labs, and looks to be on the rise. Here’s some user stats from Shank: “Over 5788 companies use Mhelpdesk to manage their service businesses. Of those 5788+, over 1438 are paying customers. Since Jan 1, 2013 we’ve processed over 44,820 service tickets and over $6.06 million dollars in service billings.”