Rich Kids Of Google Glass

You know, I’m sort of jealous. Because I’ve eaten something like three po’boy sandwiches in the past three days, and every single time I’ve wondered, as I was eating, where the odd name po’boy originated. But didn’t want to take out my grubby phone during the meal to find out.

I’ve also wondered whether this is a problem that Google Glass could solve … “If I had Google Glass right now, I would already know that the term po’boy originated in a New Orleans restaurant owned by former streetcar workers Benny and Clovis Martin, who served the sandwiches to off duty street car workers (in Louisiana dialect Po’boys) during a 1929 strike against the street car company.”

Guess the name stuck.

If I had Google Glass (mine would be Charcoal) I would know this trivia tidbit without having to rudely take out my phone. In fact, it would be a conversation starter in and of itself that I was using the Glass to search for this bit of arcane information. And this would vie for the most first-world solution to the world’s most first-world problem.

Also excited about the potential of Google Glass, Xoogler Hunter Walk pointed out the issues surrounding a $1,500 piece of hardware in a post warning of the wearable technology’s inevitable glass class ceiling, “The first year of live Glass videos feeds [will be a] TV station for the 1% containing extreme sports, exotic locations, hipster brunches and electric car POVs.”

And the Vanity Fair Oscar party:

Sergey Brin, a founder of Google, and his wife, Anne Wojcicki, a biologist and entrepreneur, traversed the party wearing pairs of Google Glasses [sic]. They shot video as they walked around and let other guests try on the prototypes. “We’ve come a number of times, and no one ever wants to talk to us,” Ms. Wojcicki said. “Now we’re very popular.”

Adulthood, it’s just like high school except the nerds have finally figured out how to hack it. And are really hyperbolically wealthy.

It’s only a matter of time until “Rich Kids Of Google Glass.”

Image via daviddinucci