San Francisco To Dublin, Ad Specialist Quantcast Opens EMEA Ops Center, Plans 100 Non-Engineering Jobs

Digital advertising specialist Quantcast has become the latest U.S. tech company to put down roots in Dublin. The San Francisco-headquartered company has announced the opening of a new EMEA Operations Center in the Irish city to support the “growth and expansion” of its advertising business throughout Europe, and better support existing clients in the region — echoing a similar move by Dropbox last December, along with many others before it including Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Apple.

However, despite citing Dublin’s “concentration of world-leading technology and digital media companies” and “outstanding local talent pool” (along with the city’s easy access to the rest of Europe), the dozen or so jobs that have already been created and the 100 in total planned over the next two years aren’t engineering positions. Instead they’ll target account management, product operations, support, marketing and finance, while engineering remains entirely based in San Francisco. That’s not uncommon for big U.S. tech companies setting up in Ireland — Facebook, for example, has a similar non-engineering presence in its European, Dublin-based HQ where it employs 400 people in roles such as user operations, advertising, sales, policy and safety. It does, however, have engineers in its new London R&D office.

Unsurprisingly, Ireland’s low corporation tax (or its Guinness) isn’t cited by Quantcast, although this may or may not have had a bearing depending on how the company is structured in Europe. We asked Quantcast for comment and a spokesperson for the company said that “all factors” were considered, reiterating that “chief among those was the concentration of local talent, and the sheer number of leading technology and digital companies based there”. To put this into context, it’s well-reported that Twitter has reduced its tax footprint by taking advantage of Ireland’s 12% corporation tax. More widely, the whole issue of corporation tax “avoidance” in Europe is currently playing out in the UK.

“A combination of our clients’ desires to expand their advertising campaigns to more counties and the tremendous new business opportunity afforded in Europe and beyond guided this move,” said Konrad Feldman CEO and Founder of Quantcast in statement.

But jobs are jobs and Quantcast’s new Dublin base is undoubtedly good news for the city. We also understand that the move had the support of the Irish government via IDA Ireland, an organisation it funds to attract inward investment into the country. “We received great support in getting set up from the IDA”, a Quantcast spokesperson confirmed.

It’s also worth noting that Quantcast already has a European presence with an office in London that employs approximately 20 people, which will continue to play a complementary role to the new Dublin office, similar to the way the company’s New York and Chicago presence supports its San Francisco HQ.

Founded in 2006, Quantcast’s ad technology focuses on audience measurement and real-time advertising, and directly measures more than 100 million web destinations. It’s backed by Founders Fund, Polaris Venture Partners, Revolution Ventures and Cisco Systems.