HowAboutWe Launches New Ad, Landing Page To Promote Couples Rewards Product

HowAboutWe launched its Couples product all the way back in September, but as an online dating site catering to both singles and couples, the startup is toying with the best way to market both products simultaneously.

That said, HowAboutWe has launched a new commercial alongside a new site landing page with options for both singles and couples.

The company has been testing the landing page, which expands and offers more information on either product, for the past three weeks. The new unified experience will now spread more rapidly throughout the New York area as HowAboutWe begins its transition from a traditional dating site to a lifestyle brand for relationships in all stages.

Offline is all the rage in the online dating space these days. Plenty of traditional dating sites are working on mixer type products, while OkCupid has its new Crazy Blind Date app that sends you on a (fingers-crossed) one night stand. And of course, products like Grindr and Hornet have existed for a while, using location info to get people together on the spot.

HowAboutWe Dating claims to be the “first Offline dating site,” the couples product takes a slightly different approach than other “offline” dating products, offering rewards and deals to couples who join the service for various romantic dates in their area.

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Singles pay anywhere between $8 to $35 per month, depending on how many months they initially subscribe for. Meanwhile, couples pay a monthly membership fee of $22 (which can go toward their first date each month) to receive access and discounts on cool dates.

HowAboutWe expected marketing these very different products alongside one another to be a challenger, but founder Brian Schechter feels that the TV spot, which has proven to be an effective user-acquisition strategy in the past, adequately portrays the evolution from single to pair to couple. HowAboutWe simply wants to be a part of that, and the new campaign seems to be helping.

The new landing page has shown a 20 percent bump in conversion rates during its testing period, which was preceded by January, HowAboutWe’s best month ever. January saw 2x more HowAboutWe couples subscriptions than the previous five months combined.

Following up on that growth and the rebranding efforts, HowAboutWe has initiated the process of launching in San Francisco and “several other markets.”

Here’s a peek at the new TV spot:

[vimeo w=640&h=360] TV Commercial “Be Together” from HowAboutWe on Vimeo.