Crowdsourcing Developers To Connect Apps Using Appirio CloudSpokes

Appirio has launched a new partner program for connecting cloud apps through CloudSpokes, its 72,000-member developer community. Apps increasingly need to connect to offer a workflow that can appeal to an application’s user base.

The CloudSpokes partner program allows for companies to create their own spokes that act as networks for doing contests that developers participate in.

Smartsheet, a collaborative project-management tool with a spreadsheet-type app, ran a contest to create a connection with Updates from are pulled into Smartsheet, which serves as the master document for managing a sales-lead pipeline.

The contest gave experts in’s technology a chance to see how the Smartsheet API functions. It also gave a way to improve the Smartsheet service in a way that would have potentially meant more investment in developer talent.

Crowdsourcing can represent an obvious cost advantage. It splits the development into different tasks, helping mollify recruiting costs.

But there are lots of questions about crowdsourcing. Fierce Developer put this guide together to show what developers need to consider with a crowdsourcing platform: crowdsourcing chart

RedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady makes the point that harnessing the collective talent of a community can be a big advantage and that CloudSpokes has been creating a virtuous cycle that allows businesses in need to reward developers for their efforts.

I can live with that, but my expectation is that core development is not the way to develop an app. It takes a good team to do it right. But for connecting apps, it seems to make sense as long as the one hosting the contest is in tune with developers and the ways they work.