Quipio, Where Instagram Meets Text Messaging

There’s a new formula in place, as forged by Instagram.

Step A: Choose a popular, yet simple, media (like a photo, a video, a blog post, or a text message).
Step B: Frill up said media, but with the simplest set of tools possible (filters, Vine-style recording).
Step C: Make sharing to any and every social network as easy as one click.

This formula has been replicated in various shapes and forms for more than a year, but Quipio is bringing the Instagram formula to its basest level. Quipio, in essence, is an Instagram for your words.

You start by typing a message. This could be a meme, a private joke, a text-message style note, or a status update. You then highlight important words in the statement. You have the option to choose from dozens of pre-set filters/themes for the text, or you can add a photo (from camera roll or on the spot) as the background.

Photo Feb 22, 3 57 02 PMWhether you choose to add a photo background or not, Quipio always emphasizes the highlighted words and adds a cool, fun look to the text.

You can then, as expected, blast the Quip out on your various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Quipio, Weibo, as well as SMS and email. Of course, users can comment and like Quips right within the app. Unfortunately, the push notifications you get from likes have the worst possible audio alert, and instead of calling it a like, Quipio tells you that “so-and-so saw your quip and went ‘mmm!'” Weird.

The Quipio team seems to think of themselves as more of an evolved Twitter, but it’s hard not to recognize the Instagram formula when you see it. All in all, it should be an interesting addition to our media-sharing addictions, if there’s still room in your heart and your home screen for yet another social network?

Quipio is available now in the App Store.

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