Ten Days After Private Beta Launch, Snapchat Officially Brings Video To Android

It was just ten days ago that Snapchat launched a private beta version of its Android app, updated to include the video capture feature we’ve come to enjoy on iOS.

Today, however, the company has turned it around, making the Snapchat with video application officially available in the Google Play. Store. Co-founder Evan Spiegel mentioned to us earlier in the month that developing Snapchat for Android can be difficult, since Snapchat’s video feature needs to be compatible across a number of different processors, screen sizes, etc.

As it stands now, the update is available for Android 2.2 and later.

Here’s what Snapchat had to say in a blog post:

Making Snapchat video for Android has been exciting, but has also had its fair share of challenges. The Android phones that many of us use were never designed with Snapchat in mind, and that can be tough when developing a hardware-based application. The video feeds and playback behavior can differ greatly – often with no guarantees or warnings. Some users will still experience difficulties, and we want to work with you to make Snapchat perfect (email us!), but we hope many of you simply come to love video snaps.

The update also brings with it a few tweaks to the UI, including a revamped notification system. Now you should have a bit more control and customization when it comes to incoming snaps from your friends. Users will also notice that general Snapchat behavior will be much smoother on Android moving forward, as the company has redesigned the camera to improve frame rates and navigation speed.

Snapchat has had a great year, raising $13.5 million from Benchmark, launching on Android, and growing to see over 60 million snaps a day.