Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Integrates With Quickbooks Killer Xero To Simplify Accounting

Inventory management startup Stitch Labs knows it’s not easy being a small independent vendor. In addition to tools for tracking their inventory, those folks also need to be connected to multiple online stores, shopping carts, payment systems, shipping and fulfillment providers, and accounting tools.

And so the company has spent the last year or so integrating with various other companies as a way to provide a single platform for connecting online store owners with all the pieces they need to build a successful business. That means connecting with sales platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and BigCommerce, shipping and fulfillment companies like ShipStation and, and payment offerings like Verifone’s Sail.

Next up? Making it easier for vendors to keep track of their finances by integrating with cloud accounting software provider Xero.

By doing so, clients will be able to seamlessly pull in sales data from their Stitch accounts and have it automatically appear in Xero. That will allow them to track all sorts of taxes and other accounting stuff that I’ll never understand because I don’t have a small business and frankly it scares the crap out of me to even think about it. Anyway, Stitch will be the first U.S.-based inventory startup to work with Xero.

For Xero, the partnership adds another way to connect with users. By providing cloud-based accounting solutions with a robust API, Xero hopes to integrate with third parties to reach small businesses through the tools they use for inventory, point-of-sale, and other transaction-related applications.

Stitch Labs has raised $1 million in funding from True Ventures. The company has seven employees based in San Francisco.