YouTube Partners With Gengo And To Make Ordering Paid Caption Translations Easier

YouTube just announced that it has partnered with Gengo and, two popular translation services, to give its users a more streamlined process to get their video captions translated by professionals. Publishers can start the translation process from the YouTube interface, get estimates for how long the translation will take and how much it will cost, but they will still need to finalize the order and arrange payments on the vendor’s websites. Google plans to look into adding more vendors in the future.


Last September, YouTube added a number of new features that gave publishers a set of new tools to translate their videos into more than 300 languages using the Google Translator Toolkit. Today’s news just means that it’s now a bit easier for publishers to order paid translations. They¬†will still be able to upload their own translations (or crowdsource them, too).

Google, of course, also automatically captions Youtube videos for a number of languages and will happily use its machine translation algorithms to translate them into other languages, too. The company clearly feels that there is a need for professionally created translations of these captions, however, given that even the best translation tools on the market today are still far from perfect.

Google notes that publishers who want to work with Gengo and will still have to ensure that they already have a regular caption track available for their videos.