As Stores Quickly Sell Out, This Is The Last Call For Mac Pros In Europe

The Mac Pro is an endangered species in Europe. Apple decided to withdraw its towering desktop behemoth from the market after new regulations concerning power supply design hit the books. So, instead of immediately redesigning the aging desktop, Apple intends to just stop selling it with March 1st originally slated as the day of reckoning. However, with several days still left, the model is already in very short supply.

TUAW discovered that the Mac Pro is already sold out in many European Apple stores. It’s still available from third-party sites but Apple clearly purged its supply line with a vigorous final thrust.

But fear not, European creative types and trust fund babies. A new Mac Pro will hit Euroland in due time. You don’t want this model anyway.

The Mac Pro is in desperate need for a refresh. The current model was introduced in 2010 and is grossly overpriced. It lacks Thunderbolt connectivity and ships with laughable specs for the price. At this point, if you must have a new machine to render your latest artsy-fartsy animation, consider spending a cool $1,000 on a quad-core Intel Core i7 Mac mini server and waiting a bit longer.

Last summer Apple hinted at a completely new Mac Pro and now that the company ceded to regulations and pulled its high-margin product from a key region, a new model should hit sooner verses later.