CrunchWeek: Elon Musk Vs. NYT, The Uber For Private Jets, Zynga Settles With EA, Everyone Harlem Shakes

Congratulations! You’ve managed to avoid the intergalactic debris that’s been flying around to survive another action-packed week in the tech industry. And you know what else that means? It’s time for CrunchWeek, the weekly show where a few of us writers hang out in the TechCrunch TV studio and dish on the biggest stories from the past seven days.

In this edition, Ryan Lawler, Drew Olanoff and I (our usual host Leena Rao was working out of town this past week) got together to discuss Elon Musk very publicly going to bat for his electric car company Tesla after the New York Times published a less than flattering (and perhaps less than truthful) review of the Model S, the big San Francisco launch of Blackjet, the company that aims to be the Uber for private jet travel, Zynga’s surprise settlement with its gaming nemesis Electronic Arts, and TechCrunch’s help in nailing the coffin shut on the Harlem Shake meme.