Squarespace Adds Commerce System For A High-Class Blogging/Sales Experience

Squarespace knows from fancy. They make dead-simple websites for people who require a high level of design and elegance and, unlike, say, our website, a lot of Squarespace sites are surprisingly beautiful. Now those same designers who use the site for their private blogs can sell their wares right from their sites.

The service, called Squarespace Commerce, connects to Stripe for payment handling and allows you to embed products into blog posts and wrap content around them. The commerce portion works with every Squarespace template.

You can sign up for Commerce for $24 a month on a yearly basis. The service also supports mailing-list sign up, CSV order exports and unlimited SKUs.

The founder, Anthony Casalena, makes a strong case for the product here but think of this as the e-commerce solution for the put-a-bird-on-it set.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.40.39 PM

I had a little bit of time to sit down with the platform and came away impressed. There is definitely a value in having a simple digital or physical storefront, and with the rise of home DIY and makers, it’s a great way to get product wrapped up in some solid content. I’ve always loved Squarespace’s spare style, and the latest version is definitely a step in the right direction for the service. Commerce, I suppose, is the fancy cream icing on the cake.